Taizhou Dacheng Vehicle Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. is located on the beautiful coast of eastern China, Taizhou city. Established in 2003. Shanghai Guanzhou Automotive Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of our company. At present, our company construction area covers more than 8000 square meters. We have more than one hundred skilled workers.

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Taizhou Dacheng Vehicle Maintenance Equipment Co., Ltd. will vigorously introduce foreign advanced technology in the next few years, attract a large number of high-tech talents, continue to develop products with higher technology content, and improve the company's core competitiveness.
  • GZ1818 2.2T4 GZ1818 3T4 GZ1818 4T4 Electric Powered Washer
  • GZ1815 A/B GZ1816 A/B Electric Powered Washer
  • GZ18M-15T4 Electric Powered Washer
  • GZ18M-7.5HP Gasoline Powered Washer
  • GZ18M36-15HP Diesel Powered Washer
  • GZ-1010 High Pressure Cleaner
  • GZ20M-2.2T4 GZ20M-3T4 Ultra-High Pressure Cleaner
  • GZ2018A GZ2018B Ultra Hight Pressute Washer
  • GZ55/58 Cold Water Hight Pressute Washer
  • GZ18M-2.2T4/3T4/4T4/5.5T4/7.5T4
  • GZ1010
  • GZ2018A GZ2018B
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